Need to improve your perimeter security?

Need a real crash-proof, blast-proof barrier?

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KarabloK the hostile vehicle mitigation system

KarabloK to protect against explosions

KarabloK – crash-proof, blast-proof, rapidly deployed, factory finished


KarabloK is a blast protected and crash protected modular precast concrete system that forms a highly effective security barrier. Tests have shown it provides protection against multiple cannon strikes, large blast loads and vehicle impact attack. It can be quickly installed and is designed to look good.

We’re seeking partners

KarabloK Holdings has patents pending around the world and is establishing relationships with commercial partners in these territories. We are currently looking for partners for manufacturing, sales and installation in: Africa, Australia, Eurasia, Europe and the Middle East.

KarabloK: the crash-proof, blast-proof solution

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

When KarabloK units are connected by their unique coupling system, the wall provides an outstanding hostile vehicle mitigation system to stop trucks and truck-bombers in their tracks.

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Blast Protection

Do you need blast protection? Tests on individual units reveal outstanding fragmentation protection from both medium-sized indirect fire (IDF) munitions and RPG shaped charge rounds.

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Ballistic Protection

Further tests on KarabloK units have shown them to provide excellent ballistic protection from multiple 30mm HE cannon strikes.

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Fast installation

KarabloK walls can be rapidly assembled as permanent or temporary barriers with no need for foundations or ground-fixing. A unique coupling system enables them to create walls 20 feet high or more. They can also be quickly dismantled and units reused.

See our video of how the KarabloK system works

Factory finished

KarabloK is also designed to look good. Its clean, modern profile makes it suitable for applications where both security and appearance are important, such as around hotels where international summit meetings are taking place. Different concrete finishes are also available. Other key aspects of the system are:

  • Special units are designed for wall-ends and gateways
  • Barriers may be topped with security fencing


There are numerous applications for the blast-protected and crash protected KarabloK system. These either:

  • Protect a facility from blasts and impacts coming from the outside, such as in terrorist attacks.
  • Protect people and property from blasts coming from the inside, such as explosions at industrial facilities.

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