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Picture of a KarabloK barrier protecting a stadium and decked in sports flags and banners to make it look less aggressive

Stadiums need flexible hostile vehicle mitigation systems

Stadiums around the world are rapidly adding hostile vehicle mitigation systems (HVM) to their security measures. But these need to be movable so they can be redeployed in different positions to cope with the needs of 21st century, says KarabloK director Gareth Neale. “The problem is that many hostile vehicle… Read more

Computer generated image of a Christmas market protected by KarabloK barrier which has been festively planted and decorated to soften its visual impact

Make sure hostile vehicle mitigation really protects Christmas market shoppers

Christmas market organisers across the UK may have been urged to protect shoppers from terrorist truck attacks but it is important that they choose a hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) system that offers real protection, says KarabloK director Gareth Neale. He fears many of the barriers and bollards being sold as… Read more

Transport planners consider KarabloK for bridge safety

Question: When is a hostile vehicle mitigation system not a hostile vehicle mitigation system? Answer: when the vehicles it is designed to stop are not hostile. And in this case, when it’s intended to improve bridge safety. Whether a vehicle is driven with menace by terrorists intent on crashing or… Read more

A close-up of a computer generated image of the entrance to Paddington Station with a KarabloK hostile vehicle mitigation barrier - planted with flowers - protecting it

Hostile vehicle mitigation without turning our streets into a fortress

Hostile vehicle mitigation systems don’t have to turn our public spaces into ugly, oppressive, intimidating fortresses, as this one shows … if you can see it. It’s easy to miss it at first glance but this computer-generated image shows an entrance to Paddington Station with a KarabloK HVM system protecting… Read more

The blast-proof KarabloK hostile vehicle mitigation system being tested against an explosive device

Is your hostile vehicle mitigation system blast protective too?

Hostile vehicle mitigation systems (HVMs) are becoming an increasingly common site on our streets as a host of public and private sector organisations ramp up anti-terrorist measures. But are they making the right choices? Their focus has largely been on stopping trucks and cars that have recently been the favoured… Read more

Picture of a truck disintegrating as it crashes into the KarabloK barrier which is designed to stop truck attacks

Vehicle crash barrier test standards made simple

Are you confused by ASTM F 2656, IWA 14, PAS 68 and the different vehicle crash barrier test standards? This article sets out explain these so potential users can understand what standards a product has been tested to. The increased use of trucks as terrorist weapons has led to a… Read more

Logo of the DPRTE event

KarabloK sparks interest at DPRTE

We had lots of interest in KarabloK at the DPRTE exhibition in Cardiff on Tuesday. This is the UK’s leading defence procurement and supply chain exhibition and there were some impressive and high level figures there from different areas of the defence and security industries. Apparently, more than 1,500 people… Read more

KarabloK Australia subsidiary launched

A new Australian company – KarabloK Australia Proprietary Ltd – has been set up to run the blast-proof, crash-proof security barrier business in Australia and other parts of Australasia. The company, which is a subsidiary of the UK-based KarabloK Holdings, is located at Bondi Junction in New South Wales and… Read more

Utility defence role for KarabloK

One of the main industrial applications for the KarabloK security barrier is utility defence, based on the blast-proof, crash-proof properties of the system. KarabloK units were originally designed to provide effective anti-ballistic and blast-walling for military applications and consequently were successfully tested to be compliant with STANAG 2280, the NATO… Read more

Picture of a truck disintegrating as it crashes into the KarabloK barrier which is designed to stop truck attacks

Truck attacks like Berlin could be prevented by KarabloK

Densely populated pedestrian areas, like the Berlin Christmas Market, are always going to be a target for terrorists but the KarabloK system can go a long way to preventing truck attacks. The attack, which has so far claimed the lives of 12 people, and left scores injured, was carried out… Read more

Diagram of two KarabloK's fitting together

Videos show how KarabloK units fit together

The key to a KarabloK barrier’s structural integrity is the unique way in which KarabloK units fit together and you can now see this on the KarabloK YouTube channel in two simple videos. The first – KarabloK installation process – uses computer generated images with subtitles show sequentially how a… Read more

KarabloK could avert further tragedies like the Nice lorry attack

Another terrorist truck attack, like the one that unfolded in Nice on Bastille Day, could be averted if proper road blocks, such as the KarabloK hostile vehicle mitigation system, were deployed. Gareth Neale, Director of KarabloK, said: “If we want to live in a free and open society we can… Read more

KarabloK Africa seeking licensees

A new pan-African subsidiary – KarabloK Africa – has been set up to run the licensing system of the precast concrete security barrier and it is already looking for commercial partners. Read more

KarabloK USA set up to manage licences

A new American subsidiary – KarabloK USA – has been set up to run the licensing of the blast-proof, crash-proof security barrier. The company will deal with all aspects of licensing for the manufacture, sale and installation of product in North America and is a subsidiary of KarabloK Holdings, based… Read more

KarabloK becomes NPCA member

KarabloK is delighted to announce that it has joined the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), the premier organisation for precast concrete manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, The NPCA has been serving the industry since 1965, providing members with all they need to run a successful precast operation, including a… Read more

Great response to KarabloK at World Of Concrete

Directors of the new blast-proof, crash-proof anti-terrorist barrier — KarabloK — have confirmed huge interest in their product at the World of Concrete (WOC) trade show in Las Vegas. The innovative precast concrete system drew the attention of both delegates and the media when it was unveiled at the show.… Read more

KarabloK launch at World of Concrete

A new blast-proof, crash-proof anti-terrorist barrier — KarabloK — has been globally launched at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas. The modular, precast concrete system can be quickly assembled to form a durable and effective security barrier around strategic locations, such as convention centres, airports and industrial… Read more