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There are many suitable applications for KarabloK systems, based on its blast protective, anti-ballistic and hostile vehicle mitigation properties. These include both use in security situations as an anti-terrorist barrier and in industrial scenarios to protect people and property against explosions.

As KarabloK barriers do not require either ground-fixing or foundations, they can be quickly assembled and just as quickly taken down, making them suitable for both temporary and permanent applications.

And as they are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with a range of factory-finishes available, they are also ideal to use in situations where the appearance of the structure is important, such as around hotels and other conference venues.

Suitable applications identified include:

• Military facilities as perimeter fencing
• Military facilities as munition store blast protection
• Power Stations as perimeter defence
• Internal blast walling for power stations
• Embassy protection
• Secure, temporary road closures (for events such as international summits)
• Hotel and stadium protection
• Domestic residences
• Airfield perimeter defence
• Marine and port defence
• Oil and gas facilities as perimeter defence
• Oil and gas facilities internal blast protection

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