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Diagram of two KarabloK's fitting together

Videos show how KarabloK units fit together

The key to a KarabloK barrier’s structural integrity is the unique way in which KarabloK units fit together and you can now see this on the KarabloK YouTube channel in two simple videos.

The first – KarabloK installation process – uses computer generated images with subtitles show sequentially how a barrier is easily and quickly assembled with the individual units locked in place by 30mm bars, bungs and nuts.

Fitted bags are then added to the centre of each unit and filled with ballast material, then simply sealed with Velcro fastenings. Smaller bags fit between the units.

And the barrier can even be given a softened appearance with plants growing from the top.

The second video – KarabloK installed with security fencing – not only shows how KarabloK units fit together but also takes the process further.
It shows how baseplates are easily fitted to the top layer. Steel posts are then attached to these and security mesh fence panels are attached to the posts.

Between them, the two videos demonstrate how easy and quick the assembly process is and show the versatility of the KarabloK system.