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KarabloK Australia subsidiary launched

A new Australian company – KarabloK Australia Proprietary Ltd – has been set up to run the blast-proof, crash-proof security barrier business in Australia and other parts of Australasia.

The company, which is a subsidiary of the UK-based KarabloK Holdings, is located at Bondi Junction in New South Wales and will initially deal with the licensing of the KarabloK barrier.

The innovative precast concrete system, with patent pending in Australia, was launched at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas.

It has applications in both the military and security sectors as an anti-terrorist barrier and also in industry to protect personnel and property from explosions.

It acts as both a hostile vehicle mitigation system – stopping a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 50mph – and provides protection against blasts. Independent test results have enabled it to achieve IWA14-1:2013 Barrier standards and STANAG 2280.

Yet KarabloK needs no foundations or ground fixing. It is quick to deploy and also to remove and store until needed once more, making it suitable as either a permanent barrier or a temporary one to provide protection and security at major events.

The first KarabloK barrier to be installed has just been completed, protecting the entrance to a power station in the UK.

KarabloK director Gareth Neale said: “We all know the world is not a safe place. Everywhere is blighted by terrorism these days but the introduction of the crash-proof, blast-proof KarabloK security barrier can go a long way to making potential targets a lot safer.

“One of the deadliest methods of attack by terrorists in the last two years has been the use of trucks – with or without explosives – as weapons. And trucks are everywhere, easy to get hold of and drive so, sadly, terrorists intent on this mode of attack could strike anywhere. But KarabloK is designed to protect against this.

“We have already had enquiries from potential customers in Australia and are now looking for partnerships with Australian precast manufacturers. Once we’ve reached agreement with them we will grant them licences to manufacture and sell the KarabloK system in Australia.”

If you are interested in a licence and want to know more about Karablok Australia, or if you are looking for a blast-proof, crash-proof barrier, contact Gareth Neale on (+61) 1 800 600 007 or email him using the form on our Contact page.