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Utility defence role for KarabloK

One of the main industrial applications for the KarabloK security barrier is utility defence, based on the blast-proof, crash-proof properties of the system.

KarabloK units were originally designed to provide effective anti-ballistic and blast-walling for military applications and consequently were successfully tested to be compliant with STANAG 2280, the NATO standard for ballistic, blast and impact barriers.

But utilities are also potential targets for terrorists, intent on destroying infrastructure with bombs and bullets or through truck attacks. And KarabloK’s blast-proof nature also lends itself to the protection of people and property in the event of accidental industrial explosions.

In addition to this, KarabloK barriers have a four-hour fire-rating*, meaning they can remain erect and hold back fires for four hours or more after an industrial accident, providing vital time for personnel to be evacuated and fire crews to take action.

KarabloK barriers can be either permanent or short-term structures. They are erected quickly and simply with no need for groundwork or footings. And they can be just as quickly dismantled again and stored for re-use.

You can see how the barrier fits together in this video on our YouTube channel which also shows how it can be topped with additional security fencing.

Diagram of two KarabloK's fitting togetherThe unique pinning system that locks adjacent blocks together in one tier of a barrier also enables multiple tiers to be locked together, providing barriers several courses high to offer more extensive blast protection.

We’re currently in discussion with several utilities regarding the use of KarabloK for utility defence. In fact, the first KarabloK barrier installed in the UK has been built to provide a hostile vehicle mitigation system at the gateway to a power station.

For more information on KarabloK’s use for blast protection or as a hostile vehicle mitigation system at a utility site, visit our Contact page and email us using the form on that page or select the appropriate telephone number from the list to speak directly to us.

* The calculations for this rating were provided by structural engineering specialists CLP Structures Ltd, of Bristol, UK, and are based on a KarabloK barrier 4.8m high with no in-fill material in place.