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KarabloK launch at World of Concrete

A new blast-proof, crash-proof anti-terrorist barrier — KarabloK — has been globally launched at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas.

The modular, precast concrete system can be quickly assembled to form a durable and effective security barrier around strategic locations, such as convention centres, airports and industrial plants.

KarabloK is also visually pleasing, making it suitable for a range of applications where appearance is important too, such as around government buildings and hotels hosting international summits.

The patented KarabloK system is made of large transportable concrete units that can be positioned either permanently or temporarily without any foundations or ground-fixing required. Typically, operators can expect to install around 100m (110 yards) per day.

Units can be removed with cranes and trucks once they are no longer needed and can be reused elsewhere.

The system is not only quicker to install than many other security barrier systems but also more cost-effective too.

KarabloK Director Gareth Neale said: “The KarabloK system can be easily manufactured and sold all over the world. It provides a highly effective anti-terrorist barrier which is quick to deploy, quick to remove and looks good too.

“Individual units have been put through standard NATO tests and shown to provide ballistic protection from multiple strikes of 30mm HE Cannon round and fragmentation protection from both medium-sized indirect fire (IDF) munitions and RPG shaped charge rounds.

“When connected together using their unique coupling system, the overall structural integrity provides effective protection against terrorist truck bomb attacks and large blasts. It has been successfully tested against the impact of 7.6 tonne truck at 50mph (80kmph). The truck disintegrated — not the KarabloK wall.”

Two specially designed jointing bars lock the two units together through the KarabloKs internal reinforcement cage. The spacing bungs provide the barrier with the flexibility to enable it to withstand large blast and impact forces.

Security fences can be mounted on top of the barrier and security gates can be fitted within it. It comes in a range of factory finishes.

KarabloK Holdings is the sole distributor and installer of the KarabloK system in the UK and Republic of Ireland but the company is looking for partners in other parts of the world.